Trader Joe's Sells White Claw!?

2019 really was the year of hard seltzer. You couldn't go to the beach without seeing White Claw or Truly overflowing coolers and in everyone’s hands. Indeed, the interest for White Claw turned out to be so extraordinary, there was even a temporary shortage.

Following a booming summer for the spiked seltzer category in general, SHOCKER, uber-well known market Trader Joe's has jumped on the White Claw train, and 12-packs are beginning to spring up in areas around the nation. Delish detailed that a fan account, @TraderJoesGang, spotted White Claw assortment packs for $15.99 on store racks, which is somewhat more costly than the common retail cost.

Right now, you can locate a 12-pack (counting Natural Lime, Raspberry, Ruby Grapefruit, and Black Cherry flavors) in the accompanying 13 states—California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. There is no set date yet on when White Claw will arrive at all 42 states (in addition to D.C.)

TJ's as of now only stocks Bon and Viv and The Shell House hard seltzer.

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