The Lastest Skinny Can on The Shelf

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

It looks like Corona is getting into the Spiked & Skinny game with Corona "Refresca". Imported from Mexico, they come in Guava Lime and Passionfruit Lime. It's surprising that they both come with lime flavors, since you'd think consumers would instinctively put a lime wedge in anything with a Corona logo on it anyway.

This looks delicious, but we've been fooled before by big companies trying to get adventurous with their flavors (remember Miller Chill?). They just can't seem to create innovative products as well as the smaller craft producers.

We haven't seen the nutrition info on these Refrescas, but clearly Corona is well aware of the trend towards 'better for you' beverages. Corona has also released a 90 calorie of their Corona Extra, called Corona Premiere. Hopefully the Refrescas have a nutrition info label on the other side of these pretty cans and contain lower calories and lower sugar than other flavored malt beverages.

The word "refresca" plays on the Spanish translation of "refreshes". We'll watch the store shelves for these in hopes that they contain ingredients that live up to their name and reinvigorate us all summer.