Spiked & Skinny Beverages. The New Category Dominating The Alcohol Market

Times have changed. Today’s grocery and convenience stores are full of fresh, organic, and all natural products. Healthy ingredients and diverse flavors are the norm. Alcoholic beverage brands have been slow to react to this trend. This may be because alcohol is perceived by some as inherently unhealthy, therefore alcohol companies consider the health conscious consumer as outside of their market.

As the natural food trend becomes more mainstream, consumers who base their buying decisions on ingredients are becoming the mass market. There is a giant niche of drinkers who may go to the gym, do yoga, eat healthy, and watch their calories all day, but still want to meet their friends for happy hour or enjoy a vibrant social life. Their concern for healthy living doesn't diminish when they walk into a bar or liquor store. These individuals seek refreshing alcoholic beverages, with natural ingredients, and lower alcohol content. Until now, very few brands had addressed this consumer's need.

‘Spiked & Skinny’ falls under the beverage category of 'flavored malt beverages' (FMBs) or 'progressive adult beverages'. These beverages are made like beer with the alcohol derived from fermenting malted grains or sugar. The FMB category has been growing for years and were led by brands like Bud-a-rita, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, & Twisted Tea. These are high alcohol and heavily sweetened products.

Several brands have recently emerged to satisfy the new consumer market who are looking for alternatives to the standard offerings. Using the same technique of producing an alcohol base from malt, manufacturers have started crafting higher quality FMBs to satisfy new consumer trends. Spiked & Skinny beverages tend to be less sweet, use less artificial ingredients, and don't strive for high alcohol content.

This is an interesting time for the alcohol industry. The Spiked & Skinny category is exploding, thanks to the popularity of hard seltzers, and will undoubtedly follow the trend of non-alcoholic beverages where natural and healthy ingredients currently dominate. There are several craft brands jumping into the category to fill this demand with an exciting variety of flavors, ingredients, and packaging. The Spiked & Skinny category is the most exciting new disruption to hit the alcohol industry in a very long time.