Is This Even Alcohol? The Tea on Hard Tea.

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Once I was introduced to the wonders of alcoholic iced tea this Summer, I had to try as many as I could…but I soon realized the hard tea market is currently booming. In fact, there are so many great, hard teas right now, it can be difficult to suss out the stars from the duds. Your best bet, opt for small craft teas and stay away from Twisted Tea, Bud Light Teas and the like.

So here are my findings: There are 3 hard iced tea’s you'd be a damn fool not to drink this summer. They won me over, in spite of my suspicions (thanks Twisted Tea), and I'll bet my last lemon wedge they'll win you over, too. 


Hoop Tea Aire is my favorite hard iced tea. Not only is it 90 Calories, gluten free, all natural, and in the cutest packaging I have ever seen, it also is light and refreshing-- not to sweet, just right. Hoop Tea Aire is the only hard tea in a can that is slightly sparkling. Others are very carbonated which isn't my thing. Made in Ocean City, MD, these teas come in 3 delicious flavors: Goji Berry Green Tea, Kiwi Berry Matcha, and Orange Hibiscus. My favorite changes every time I drink it. So grab a variety pack and tell us what you think. Mark my words, this brand is going to blow up!!


If a hard seltzer and a tea had a baby, it would be Loverboy! When I heard that Bravo TV's power couple Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke were launching a new sparkling hard tea line, I had a feeling it would be delicious. If the Summer House cast knows how to do anything, it's drink, and I had full faith in this duo to serve up some good good. Loverboy is also 90 calories, gluten free, and all natural-- like Hoop Tea Aire. Loverboy comes in 3 flavors, Hibiscus Pom, Black Tea Lemon, and White Tea Peach which was my fav. All in all, this is a great light refreshing drink. If you are into a sparkling alcoholic bev this is the move.


Owl's Brew Boozy Tea is on the sweeter side of tea and does not disappoint. We love this tea even more because it is a totally women run business! This boozy tea comes in 3 flavors: Organic English Breakfast that has a lemon lime flavor, Organic Darjeeling Tea with Strawberry, Organic White Tea Watermelon Raspberry. This tea is bubbly, boozy, and full of botanical flavors that make you feel like you're drinking something super healthy.