5 Types of Day Drinking Friends

Almost everyone loves a good drink, but nothing’s better than grabbing a cold one in the morning with your closest pals. While we all have our favorite friends to grab a drink with, not all drinking buddies are the same. We’re willing to bet you have a friend (more maybe its you) who matches the description of one of these five types of day drinking friends.


Let's just say you wake up on a hot Saturday morning and you’re on the verge of either working on that project that’s due on Monday or losing track of time (and maybe your cell phone). If the Fun Enforcer is around you, you’re in for a long, fun, and likely blurry day.

The Fun Enforcer really, really wants everyone to be having the time of their lives. And doing that means everyone needs to be drinking as much as possible and doing stupid shit. This pal is known to keep the rounds coming and has spent years mastering the art of getting “one more” commitments from his or her friends. 

Before you know it, you’re having “one more” and you didn’t even realize you wanted it!


The New Best Friend has such a welcoming face and is so full of joy they’ll go to grab another drink and come back with a whole new squad. Capable of talking to anyone when drunk, the New Best Friend can be the life and soul of the party – but can also make large promises that are never fulfilled.

The New Best Friend is endearing and well-meaning, so you put up with the sometimes awkward moments of introduction knowing you could meet some great people and have a day to remember!


If you’d EVER need to have a child’s leash for anyone, it’s this friend! The Wanderer cannot stay still and must explore every inch of the pool, beach, or party you’re at. One minute you’re all laughing having a great time and then the next they’re gone. Often absent for whole nights out, it’s not uncommon to see him or her joining a new group of friends, on the dance floor tearing it up, or only bumping into them while trying to round everyone up to get home.

Even though nobody knows exactly what the wanderer gets up to, it's pretty much guaranteed they will have had the wildest night out.

They’re always down for a drink and a good party — plus, you know you’ll get a good story at the end of the night!


Doing just about anything for a good time, this friend will let nothing and no one stop them from getting a drink. The Sprinter tends to go a little too hard in the span of the day, which can spell danger for lightweight, but if it’s someone with a high tolerance, they can be the life of the day drink!

The Sprinter is the Fun Enforcer's best drinking friend. They’ll do anything for a good time, and seem to lose any decision-making abilities after one can of beer. They'll say "Please don't let do anything stupid" but you know that they’re powerless compared to the Fun Enforcer’s urge to destroy everything.


This guy....the Storyteller. From that last trip he or she took to Bermuda or the new show you should see, The Storyteller never runs out of things to talk about (or to post about on Instagram) and we love it! This person is great to invite to day drink or out for an after work cocktail —or five. The more The Storyteller drinks, the longer and more dramatic the stories get— perfect for you to just kick back and laugh. Just hope the stories aren’t too boring, or you may be in for a long night!

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